Haddington and East Lothian Pacemakers (HELP)

Website: www.helprunningclub.org.uk


Training locations:
Aubigny Sports Centre, Haddington
Meadowmill Prestonpans
Lammermuir Hills

Caters for:

  • Road Running
  • Cross Country
  • Hill Running

Set up for:

  • Beginners
  • Advanced Runners
  • Mid/Distance/Ultra Runners
  • Speed Training
  • Juniors
  • Seniors

HELP is a friendly local running club based in the east of Scotland, about 30km east of Edinburgh. The origins of the club are like-minded people getting together to raise money for charity and to help others. Their members, numbering around 100, compete on roads, cross country and hill races. Members range from serious international level athletes to fun runners, who are happy to come along for an occasional jog. They have an active ladies section.

Social events are arranged throughout the year, sometimes involving running, and are as much part of the club's activities, as the hard exercise. Friends, visitors and other runners are welcome to join the club or just come along for a run.

It is important to remember the words of Sam Mussabini Coach to Harold Abrahams (Chariots of Fire 1981):
I can't put in what God's left out, but I can help you make the best of what you have.
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