Matt Holland, Running Coach, Training Camps

07931 721 843
18 Charlotte Square, Edinburgh

The Improve my Running running clinic is in Edinburgh’s Charlotte Square. Whether you are new to running or an elite athlete, they are there for you. If you need any help or advice with training, planning a schedule, technique, strength and conditioning training, injury rehab or to help you plan ahead and give some focus to your running, just get in touch at With 25 years of experience, they are here for you, wanting to help.

matt-hollandFor 25 years now, Matt has been working with people from all walks of life. He has worked with PGA golfers, ultra runners, first time marathoners, competitive athletes through to post operative rehabilitation of people with debilitating conditions. As a coach Matt has helped hundreds of runners achieve far more than they ever felt was possible.

Matt's running clinic Improve My Running is 100 yards from Run and Become Edinburgh running shop, at 18 Charlotte Square.

He offers full video biomechanical analysis, running technique, running conditioning training and rehabilitation of injuries to get you back running better, faster and more efficiently.

There is a correct technique for efficient running and with 80% of runners getting injured it is safe to say that most of us could improve this technique.

Matt's clinic uses cutting edge techniques to assess and train your running, including dynamic movement systems (designed by Mike Antoneides founder of the London Running School who has worked with elite athletes worldwide) to improve the neural movement patterns which fire the muscles in the right order so often missing in most runners. (This is currently not available anywhere else in Scotland.)

Matt's clinic has the experience of working with all levels of athletes from many different sports.

Running technique is so important and unfortunately due to lack of it most of us frequently get injured.

Running is a whole body exercise and the arms are just as important if we are to run fast and injury free. This is why when we video you we look at the whole body and not just the feet.

Matt doesn't teach a style of running, he helps you run with correct technique for you, after all we are all unique individuals.

He offers one off analysis sessions, packages including run technique, coaching and speed training.

He can also offer a ‘learn to run’ 6 week package, which guides you through correct movement and running form.

All of the above can be used as vouchers to give to a friend or relative, an ideal present for runners.

If you want to improve your running, whether that be to stay injury free, overcome a persistent or reoccurring injury or to increase your speed and performance. Matt can help you.

For you elite athletes this could mean the difference between winning and losing!

Matt is in a position to offer sponsorship to athletes who are committed and focused to succeed, who have the desire to be the best that they can be.

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