Jill Stephen, Personal Trainer

Jill Stephen
Outdoor Personal Trainer


If you feel you need to do some work on your strength and conditioning, in a fun outdoor environment, or some help with planning how to get to the start line of your next event in good shape, Jill can certainly help.

Jill is a fully qualified personal trainer with a BSc and PhD in Immunology, so understands the factors that can enhance a client's fitness and health. She runs Ascent Fitness, an Edinburgh based outdoor personal training business that offers a range of services tailored to meet any goal, including, 1:1 training sessions, strength and conditioning classes, and personalised training plans. At Ascent Fitness we firmly believe that exercise doesn’t stop as you become older. We specialise in a range of services for older adults, from individuals trying exercise for the first time, to those who are ready to progress to the next level.

Jill’s own sporting background is as a runner.  Having come to the sport later in life, she’s now been Scottish Hill Running Champion twice (2018, 2019) and has represented Scotland at mountain running on several occasions. She’s also represented her district, Scotland East, at cross country, and can occasionally be found at the odd road race. Her love of training, being outside, and understanding the importance of strength and conditioning means that she has a lot to offer in terms of session planning, advice and motivation.

For up to date details on her various classes: www.ascent-fitness.co.uk


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