Daniela Bratkova, Nutritional Therapist

07880 773782


I have been working with Brian Dickson and his clients within Maximize Wellness and also independently consulting clients, providing individual nutritional assessments and in detail tailored nutritional programs with supplement recommendations, providing food intolerance testing, hair mineral analysis and other similar services. My approach to nutrition is holistic, with an understanding that our wellness is based on a sensitive balance between different body systems influenced by the outer environment.

I focus on paying attention to the digestive system, as this provides a picture of our health and the way we absorb food. This is crucial to understanding the idiosyncrasies of an individual’s biochemistry and the impact is has on overall wellbeing.

I trained with the College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM) with a previous background in the pharmaceutical Industry. I am a registered practitioner with the Federation of Nutritional Therapists (FNTP).

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