Triggerpoint Technology Workshop, 29th January

At our Cardiff Branch on the 29th January, we had a Trigger Point Workshop, held by Adam Yearley, Personal Trainer and Sports Massage Therapist from Pure Gym Cardiff. Triggerpoint Therapy can be used to help with common conditions, such as migraines, back pain, tendonitis, and muscle and joint pain. There are many good books on Triggerpoint Therapy and if you are interested in learning more, Adam recommended Trigger Point Therapy Workshop - Self Treatment.

The workshop here was about getting the most out of The Grid roller, a new, revolutionary foam roller, which has a very firm inside. It is good for the lower body, although some upper body can be worked. The Grid has distrodensity zones, like the palm or forearm, finger tips, and finger and thumb. Not a lot of research has been done yet into its benefits, but those who have used it have found it very useful. Certainly Helen Hall, first woman to run the Ironman barefoot, is a great fan of it.

A nice friendly group turned up and were keen to learn. Adam had come well prepared and after introducing himself and listing his impressive qualifications, he gave everyone a detailed handout. He guided everyone through the theory side of T.P.T and how useful the Grid can be for the prevention of injuries and to relieve pain. Using the foam roller by rolling it back and forth improves circulation to tissue and helps break up adhesions. If, however, you want to use it as triggerpoint, to release a painful spot, then you need to stop on the tender area and hold your pressure until it begins to release, approx. 8-12 seconds.

After the theory, it was down to business with the practical side of it. It might look easy, but those who took part will tell you differently. They worked on calves, hamstrings, quads, the tops of the outer thighs, and lower back. There were some painful cries and lots of laughs throughout the session. Adam was very helpful in making sure that people were using the roller correctly.

Everyone looked very happy as they left and I am sure that they felt the benefits of it in the morning. Remember, if you have bone or joint issues, consult an expert, like Adam, before using the Grid.

Chitika WheelerChitika Wheeler
I have owned a Grid for a few months but up until the workshop have only used it a few times, taking instruction from the guidelines on the packaging. I understood that you can roll different body parts on the Grid and also use your body weight to ease trouble spots. However, the practical class with Adam has made use of the Grid seem much more accessible and simple for me. Calves, hamstrings, quads (particularly tender in my case!) all felt the benefit. The tightness and pain eased off after a few seconds of pressure and/or rolling. I found it particularly interesting that muscles can be more powerful if the tissue fibres sit well together. Regular massage from a practitioner, or self-massage using the Grid or other foam roller, can therefore increase your running performance, or indeed your performance in any sport.
Sophie KingSophie King
The trigger point workshop hosted by Adam was a good insight into using 'The Grid' foam roller, which I had been considering purchasing for a while. During the workshop, we were given background information about trigger points in the body, anatomy and physiology, including hand outs with diagrams to help with understanding how the Grid works on the body and the names of different muscle groups etc. The practical part of the session was really fun and interactive, everyone had a good laugh trying out some of the more challenging exercises, and there were also a few groans of pain, as people found their 'trigger points'! We were shown lots of different exercises, which were also included in the handout, which I will be using with my new purchase :-)
Becky XerriBecky Xerri
The workshop was very informative. Adam went into great detail about trigger point therapy. I found it very helpful to understand the theory before learning the practical uses of the Grid, as this really helped to get the most out of the exercises. After owning a foam roller for a few years and hardly using it, except for along the IT band, I have now realised how much more you can gain from this piece of equipment and will be using it much more regularly from now on.

Many thanks to all those who attended, and to Adam for giving the workshop. Looking forward to seeing you all again, and all comments about the evening are welcome.

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  • Dafydd TrystanFebruary 19, 2013 at 8:38pm
    I had a really useful introduction to foam rolling at the triggerpoint workshop. I'd bought one a few months ago, but hadn't used it much - but an hour with an expert was just the thing I needed. Found a few painful bits, and I was one of the participants who groaned a little - but it was a really good introduction and very useful. I'm using my triggerpoint far more regularly now. Thanks for Run and Become for organising the workshop Reply
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