Stay Safe While Running

With the clocks going back, the dark nights are upon us. It is at this time we seek out reflective gear so that we can be seen, and there is plenty of it available. From high-vis jackets and bibs to reflective stripes and fluorescent hats and gloves, we stock a wide range of high-visibility running gear.

There are, however, other aspects of being safe. It is only on dark nights you realise how many streets are unlit, so choose your route carefully. High-vis and reflect are great so that people can see you, but you also need to see. Head torches are great so that you can see you way ahead, and check for uneven surfaces.

Another very important thing is ID. Not always thought about, but something to consider. Simple ideas like carry a library card, or piece of paper with your name in your pocket.

Enjoy your winter running, happily and safely.

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