Outdoor Fitness

Website: www.outdoorfitnessltd.com

Training locations: Pontcanna, Pontypridd, Roath Park


Caters for:

  • Road Running
  • Cross Country
  • Mountain running
  • Race Walk

Set up for:

  • Beginners
  • Elite Runners
  • Distance Runners
  • Speed Training
  • Juniors to Seniors

Outdoor Fitness Running Club is a company introducing the ultimate fat-burning, muscle toning, outdoor fitness program that's fast, effective and lots of fun. It will build your strength, increase your flexibility and rock your cardiovascular world. Our classes incorporate strength and cardiovascular training, seasoned with core and balance techniques to create an effective and progressive program. Through their love for fitness and running they formed a running group as well. Outdoor Fitness Running Club is affiliated to Welsh Athletics.

Running is not my hobby but a way of life.

Running is one of the most natural and basic of human movements and therefore it can be practised by most people. Running benefits your physical, mental and emotional health, and I want to help people achieve the things that this amazing sport has given to me.

My first running goal was to run 5k for charity having not run more than 1500m back in the days of school, that goal grew into a great relationship with running. Some years later I set myself another goal; to run two marathons (Snowdon and New York) in one week. I achieved both goals and each were equally important.۬Lets create that fitness goal together, achieve it together and most importantly have fun getting there.

- Outdoor Fitness
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