GU Energy Gel


Simple to take, simple to digest. GU energy gel provides just what you need for premium excersise and none of the extras that slow you down. GU takes you where you want to go fast, keeps you there and helps you to recover. Always follow by water. Each flavour has a slightly different content varying in caffeine (free-40mg) and Sodium (50-125mg) levels. Plese check the flavour image for the specific Sodium, caffeine and amino acids levels.


Ingredients: maltodextrin, filtered water, fructose, Gu Amino acid blend, natural and artificial flavour, potassium and sodium citrate, Gu antioxidant blend, Calcium carbonate, fumaric acid, sea salt, sodium benzoate, potassium sorb ate, Gu herbal blend, citric acid, pectin

  • Nutrition value per 32g pack (varies according to flavour)
  • Calories 100kcal
  • Caffeine: 20mg apart from:
  • Caffeine free flavours: Strawberry&Banana; Lemon Sublime
  • Caffeine intense flavours - 40mg/gel: Espresso Love, Jet Blackberry, Caramel Macchiatto
  • Sodium 50-60mg apart from:
  • Sodium intense flavours - 125mg/gel: Chocolate Peanut Butter, Salted Caramel, Salted Watermelon
  • Potassium 35mg
  • Carb 25g (of which sugars 5g)
  • Vitamin C 170%
  • Vitamin E 100%
  • Calcium 2%.

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